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Lost Island: Eternal Storm game: Download and Play

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With their kingdom in ruins the elves were forced to set off overseas to search for a new home. By fate's will, a storm crushed their ships on the shores of a lost island. High mountains, fragrant valleys and shimmering rivers - what else might the children of nature need? But their beautiful new world is filled with danger. When attempting to leave, the elves learn that the island is surrounded by an impenetrable magic storm. The survivors recall a legend about the last of the ancient elves, who shall awake from a thousand year's sleep to help them overcome hardship.

Lost Island: Eternal Storm features:
  • Help the elven people survive on a lost island
  • Complete exciting quests and puzzles
  • Examine locations and learn about the lost lands
Lost Island: Eternal Storm screenshots. Click a screenshot to enlarge:
Lost Island: Eternal Storm screenshot
Lost Island: Eternal Storm screenshot
Lost Island: Eternal Storm screenshot

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Lost Island: Eternal Storm is 100% safe to download. You can download Lost Island: Eternal Storm for free and try it for 60 minutes to decide whether you like it or not. If you like it, you can purchase Lost Island: Eternal Storm instantly and securely online.

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